Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Impressions 2014: Week 2 Pt. 1

We’re done with the first week of Impressions! As we head into Week 2, we are starting the week with 14 total series that made it through the first week. But we also have a couple more series joining us this week and will be getting a Week 1 Impression. I guess it’s good a time as any to start with Atelier Escha & Logy and Mekaku City Actors!

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky

Know how I said this one started airing? It has but the problem I’ve run into is being able to find it. Not just legally, but even going a bit rouge has caused issues because I haven’t found any of the first episode with subtitles. It’s a shame because I was hoping to give this one a try. So, officially, Escha & Logy won’t be covered this season. Well that sucks...

Mekaku City Actors
Episode 1

This series looks like Shaft’s work. No surprise there. What was surprising was how the episode went. The first half of the series reminded me of Welcome to the NHK and the interactions between Saitou and Yamazaki. This is mostly due to some of the humor there is in the series and a slight similarity between our main character and Saitou. When we get to the hostage situation later on in the episode, it completely changes to one of those “conspiracy” moments Saitou has in the series. Except we have other characters coming in and making things interesting. Right now, this series has been a lot of fun to watch and I actually do like the visuals that Shaft put into this one. I’m interested to know what the hell it's going on, so Mekaku is heading for it’s second week!

Now let’s carry on with the 7 series that are still calling the first half of the week their home! You’ll notice that three series that were here a week ago are not here anymore. I just moved them over to the second half of the week so the remaining 4 in that area won’t get as lonely.

Baby Steps
Episode 2

So Ei-chan is finally getting some tennis in, and we get to have fun as he goes into perfectionist mode. You know, as charming as this series has been, it’s been getting rather boring to me. It’s hard because the characters aren’t too interesting and are kind of one dimensional. You can’t get more enjoyment unless the characters are more likable then what they already are. Plus it doesn’t help that I have three other sports series right now that are much better then Baby Steps. At least Ace of Diamond, Yowapeda, and even Haikyu!! have a more interesting and likable cast. Because of all this, Baby Steps has lost the match and is out of the tournament. You win some you lose some!

Brynhildr in the Darkness
Episode 2

I got the first episode out of the way and, at the time, I rather enjoyed what I saw. In comes episode 2 and I’m actually not sure how to feel about this one. I thought it was going to something thrilling and fairly action packed, but right now it’s not. It did give us a few moments in the lab Neko and Hana had escaped from and the death of another witch that was rather brutal. But the small gags about Neko being at basic level education wise, and Hana’s really moe keyboard are growing old really fast. I’m hesitant to take Brynhildr to next week, but I’m going to send it along. The moments with the lab, and the last minute or so are telling me faintly to give it another chance. But I won’t be going into the next episode with high expectations.

Captain Earth
Episode 2

Towers? TOWERS?! F**K YOUR TOWERS!! DAICHI WILL SHOOT THAT S**T DOWN!! Can you tell I like this series? Cause this one has been growing on me quite a bit! We get a little more background about Globe as well as the fight they are waging against aliens. Not only that, but we get some reuniting between Daichi, Teppei, and Hana in a really nice and charming moment at the end of the episode. I’m pretty sure the jerk in the suit that sits with Hana has a thing for her and will probably come up at a later point, but I wouldn’t mind it as a side story of sorts. Overall, this episode was a lot of fun to watch so Captain Earth will be blasting off into Week 3! Let’s see how much more fun and charming this series can be!

The Irregular at Magic High School
Episode 2

Ok, this whole sibling love thing is really irking me. I was really really hoping the show wasn’t going to take an incest route, but it’s very possible that it will. Not only that, but the politics and the workings of the school actually have been getting boring. Because of these issues I’m having, this series has become rather forgettable and it’s becoming hard to find some good points. I hate making this one short, but because my mind doesn’t really have much to say about this series, and because of the major incest red flag I’m running into, Magic High School ends it’s run here. I’m not interested in these weak characters and their weird love interests.

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
Episode 2

I’m pretty sure, at this point, there will end up being no major plot for this series. And I am totally ok with this! The fun characters and the moments they have in the complex are enough to tide me over. And, in this episode, we not only have a little more fun with Rit-chan, but we’re introduced to the last resident Sayaka and it seems like there may be some competition between her and Mayumi. Also, can I just say, the bubble moment was so damn cute and adorable that I want to go play with bubbles now? I can’t wait to see what fun little shenanigans happen next, so Kawai Complex is keeping it’s residency and is heading for Week 3! So much cute! I may have a cuteness overload!!

Well if that's not a possible crazy person, I don't know what is!
Selector Infected WIXOSS
Episode 2

Something I’ve noticed that bothered a few people in regards to this series is Yuzaki’s love for her twin brother. In the first episode it seems rather creepy and incest isn’t exactly a fun area to tread. This episode, however, we get much more time with Yuzaki and we get an understanding of what her wish is. She wants to be able to love her brother without the whole incest problem. Whether that means they become unrelated or incest sudden becomes popular in society is to be determined. I do like how this is making Yuzaki a much more sympathetic character. As for the rest of the episode, Akira is a little nutty and it’s wonderful! There’s some mind games going on here and I’m liking how this is being incorporated into the series. We’re also introduced to Hitoe, who seems to be the third major character that becomes friends with our lead. You can tell there’s something there with her too, though she has her fears when we see her battle Akira. Selector Infected keeps growing on me more and more so I hope Week 3 is ready! This is going to be a fun battle it has ahead of it!

The World is Still Beautiful
Episode 2

Ok! So the song from the preview I saw is the song that Nike created in this episode! I kinda thought it was going to be less pop tuney though. Oh well! I’m glad to see that we haven’t gone into the weird pedophile route cause that would probably make me drop this series right here and now. Instead we get the beginning of a friendship and partnership between Nike and the Sun King. This one is actually slowly becoming my favorite new anime this season. It’s odd because I didn’t really think about this one all that much. But it’s been full of surprises and lots of charm that I can’t think of dropping it now! Now that our little king has seen what Nike’s power can do with the right conditions, I’m curious to know what will happen next. Considering what we know about him right now, it’ll be nice to see him grow into a happier person thanks to Nike.

That’s it for this half of the Impressions week! Come back in a couple days for the second half! Where we get to have fun with the remaining 7 series lumped in with the week! Until then, otaku on my friends!

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