Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Impressions 2014: Week 1 Pt. 2

We’re off to a good start this season! Of the 12 series I covered earlier this week, only 10 have made it into Week 2 (good grief this isn’t going to be an easy season)! This time I’m going to be talking about 7 more series and seeing if they can make the cut into Week 2!

Black Bullet
Episode 1

Uhmm.... Maybe it’s the show. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m writing about Black Bullet at near 11PM and I’ve been dead tired lately. Either way, I really don’t like this one. It not only tried stuffing a bit into the first episode, but what they did put in wasn’t all that good. The world building, the characters, even the exposition wasn’t all that great and I’ve seen a lot better. Hell, in the case of world building Sword Art Online had a better first episode then Black Bullet and I don’t like SAO either! Then there’s Enju, our female character. The second she said that her handler Rentaro was her fiancee I was done. I mentally checked out and knew then and there that this series was getting dropped, but I tried to stick through it till the end hoping it would get better. Wishful thinking, I suppose. But yeah, Black Bullet is done from here and it’s staying out of Week 2. Maybe ya shouldn’t have gone the possible pedophilia route...

Coffin Princess Chaika
Episode 1

Another one I’m not all that sure about. This is the third Bones show that’s come up this season (the others being Captain Earth and Soul Eater Not! for those who need a recap). Out of the three, I actually think Coffin Princess is the weakest. It’s not off to a bad start, but it didn’t have the wow factor that I was kind of hoping for. I will admit, it did get a few laughs out of me here and there and our trio of main characters aren’t bad right now. However, this one is leaning into the forgettable area like Blue Sky was earlier this week. Don’t get me wrong, this is top notch Bones work here as it looks fantastic, but if I’m going to be watching a handful of shows this season, including the other extra shows and remaining leftovers from the Fall Season then you need to stand out a lot more then this. With that, I’m sad to say that I’m dropping Coffin Princess. I don’t mind watching it later on down the road, but this isn’t one I’m all that interested in watching every week. Well, Bones, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad right now!

Is the Order a Rabbit?
Episode 1

D’awwwwwww such adorable little girls working at a cafe-- OK LIZE PUT THE GUN DOWN!!! This series is a little bit of an oddball for me. I like how nice and charming it is but there were times where I didn’t really want to pay attention, and I wasn’t even multitasking. It does have a nice start and those charming moments were really nice to see, but this one is rather debatable as to whether I’d want to watch it for the next several weeks. I kind of have a few other cute, adorable series to look at with this one being on the weaker side. So, because of all this, Is the Order a Rabbit? is not getting a repeat customer next time. As adorable as this is, I’m just not that invested in the series to keep going with it.

Knights of Sidonia
Episode 1

CGI and I haven’t been on the best of terms lately. Arpaggio of Blue Steel a few seasons ago can attest to this. But when I saw the trailer for Knights of Sidonia and saw that this too was complete CGI, I decided to give it a try and see where it would go. And right now, it’s not bad but I’m still a little cautious about it. The animation hasn’t done anything to annoy me yet, the story has a pretty good start, and the characters are fairly interesting (though I think they did rip off Liara’s gender from Mass Effect a bit). It’s hard to say where this series plans to go, and I’m really on the fence with this one. I’ll give it another week to see what it’s plans are, and see if the CGI animation will still be fine to handle. But the CGI could make or break the show too, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. Though, I am sad that I have to go rouge with this one also to find and watch it.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure
Episode 1

An island where kids can make their dreams come true and it was all possible because of seven people. One of which is now a ghost in our main character’s apartment. That’s an interesting start that’s for sure. Honestly, the one problem I have right now is the perverted main character. The guy got his shoulder dislocated while in a death grip so he would have a chance to touch ghost boobs. Yeah it’s a little bad, but those are rather few so it made it tolerable. Right now, I’m liking where everything is going. We have small background on the island, but a good amount of information on Nanana which is better cause she is one of the ones who helped make the island what it is today. I’m willing to give Nanana another week or so to see where it plans to head. Besides, it did just suddenly introduce a few other side characters so of course I gotta know what that’s about!

No Game no Life
Episode 1

That’s one way to start a series! No Game No Life is one of the shows I’ve been looking forward to since it just sounds really cool. And it hasn’t disappointed me so far! Although our NEET main characters can be complete jerks on occasion, that’s more due to their obsession with winning every game so I can let it slide. Also, the animation looks BEAUTIFUL!! Madhouse, it’s been a while since I’ve seen something really good out of you, so I commend you on this series. The world building hasn’t been too great, but I did love the comedic moment of the explanation of the rules while our characters fall from the sky. I think my only huge concern is how quickly they are adapting to this new world. It’s a small problem, but I’m hoping it slows down at least a little in the next episode, cause that was a lot to take in. It’s no surprise that No Game No Life is heading for Week 2! Time to play another round!

One Week Friends
Episode 1

D’awwwwwwwww! This series is so adorable! I’m glad I added this one to my long list of series this season. We have a nice simple beginning of the series where our main male character makes friends with a girl he likes. Then enter the conflict of the show and now he’s going to try and be friends with her every single week as she forgets everything by Monday. The art style is nice and simple and the story is off to a nice start as well. But I am really liking the characters as they are really charming and simple. It’s a nice change of pace from some of the series I’ve seen recently, so because of this One Week Friends gets another week to be my friend. Let’s see how our main character tries to get his classmate to be friends with him.

We have finally finished Week 1! As always, let’s see where all my series currently stand!

Currently Watching (ep.):

Baby Steps (1)
Brynhildr in the Darkness (1)
Captain Earth (1)
Haikyu!! (1)
The Irregular at Magic High School (1)
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (1)
Knights of Sidonia (1)
Nanana’s Buried Treasure (1)
No Game No Life (1)
One Week Friends (1)
Riddle Story of Devil (1)
Selector Infected WIXOSS (1)
Weaving of Fates (1)
The World is Still Beautiful (1)

Dropped (ep.):
Black Bullet (1)
Coffin Princess Chaika (1)
Daimidaler: Prince VS. Penguin Empire (1)
Is the Order a Rabbit? (1)
La Corda D’Oro ~Blue Sky~ (1)

Not Yet Aired:
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
M3 ~That Black Steel~
Mekaku City Actors
Sadon Desu

Other Series Not Covered (ep.):
Ace of Diamond (19)
The Comic Artist and Assistants (1)
Fairy Tail
Mushi-Shi: Sequel Chapter (1)
Soul Eater Not! (1)
Yowapeda (18)

Week 1 is now out of the way! I can't wait to see what Week 2 will have in store! Until next time, otaku on my friends!


  1. I'm a bit cautious of Knights of Sidonia too, but I think the pilot episode is still pretty good. I'll be giving it a few more episodes to know if it's worth it. I reviewed it in my blog too! In here.

    I haven't seen No Game No Life, but many people seem to like it, so I might check it out. I have this feeling that it is somewhat similar to SAO and Log Horizon though.

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