Life and Times

Every Friday, I connect with you guys in a vlog. There are no rules for this and could be simple like how I've been this week or something fun like Q&A's or other fun things!


Jan. 10th - Vacation? What's That?!
Jan. 24th - New Thriller Zone Promo!
Feb. 7th - Bloopers and Extras and Behind the Scenes! OH MY!
Feb. 28th - Anime Boston, Licensing Announcements, and Star-Crossed!
March 20th - Anime Boston, Here I Come!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!
March 29th - Anime Boston 2014 Haul and Con Stories
May 16th - Updates, Summer Goals, and Announcements!
June 6th - My Anime Music Obsession
June 13th - The Simulcast Catch Up Game & Dramatic Readings
June 20th - Lilac and Friends Play: Cards Against Humanity
June 27th - SITE LAUNCH: Infinite Rainy Day
July 18th - Thriller Zone 2 Year Anniversary Announcement
August 15th - I missed you guys.... ;~;
September 12th - Summer 2014 Anime Haul (Or why hobbies are dangerous)


Jan. 2nd - Countdown to #100! You Decide 95-99!!
Jan. 17th - Winter 2014 Holiday Haul (RightStuf Holiday Sale, FUNimation Cyber Monday Sale, & Updates)
April 8th - Countdown to 100: The Results!
May 6th - Squees, Trucks, and Ladybugs! Bloopers and Behind the Scenes 2014!
June 24th - Lita Kino and the Dub Talk Challenge
July 22nd - 40 Anime Questions (200 Sub Special)

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