Friday, June 6, 2014

My Anime Music Obsession

It's actually rather hard to make vlogs on a regular basis. Did you know that? Probably did already. So I'm going to try and do a Life and Times every Friday, but it may be in vlog or blog form depending on what goes on. Today, as I'm sitting here listening to my massive Anime Opening/Ending playlist, I thought I should let you guys in on what I've been listening to and maybe give you some new song obsessions of your own! Some are recent hits and others are older songs that I can't skip over. So it's a interesting variety! I have my headphones in and my playlist going while writing, so here are 10 songs that have been in my brain for the past few weeks!

Daze by Jin feat. MARIA of GARNiDELia from MekakuCity Actors

Just because I drop a series while doing Impressions, doesn't mean I hate the songs that are used. And, in this case, I've been waiting for the single's release so I can add it to my playlist! Even while waiting for it's release, I just sat down with the TV version on repeat. It's just really catchy and a lot of fun to listen to! Add to it a rather catchy chorus that I can kind of follow, and you get my latest song obsession!

Rising Hope by LiSA from Irregular at Magic High School

LiSA is actually one of a few artists I keep seeing pop up lately, and she's been growing on me a lot! Not only does she have Fate/Zero's opening Oath Sign and Sword Art Online's Crossing Field, but she has added another song to her growing list of song's I've been enjoying! Granted, this is the second out of the three series she's been a part of that I don't really like, but I just can't knock the song down! When you add certain instruments to rock songs, you catch my attention rather easily! In this case, a nice piano arrangement. Even though I refuse to watch Irregular at Magic High School after the first couple episodes, I won't refuse to rock out to this song! Pretty sure LiSA has become one of my favorite JRock artists!

This game by Konomi Suzuki from No Game No Life

NOTE: This version is in a different key than the actual song

Once again, a series I was not too fond of this past Impressions season, but a song that I thoroughly enjoy. Just the opening piano medley alone is just beautiful! With it as the lead instrument in the song, it makes me just go into a kind of air piano mode where I really wish I knew how to play piano, but I can't. It's one of those recent songs that can make me rock out and reminds me that I am useless when it comes to piano playing.

One Reason by Fade from Deadman Wonderland

If I had to classify the genre of music I am most fond of, then Rock and Alternative would be what I'd answer with. Fade's One Reason is one of the few JRock tunes I will listen to all day long! Not only does it match the series it was written for, but it's in English so I can sing along with it much easier than many of the other JPop/JRock tunes I have on my playlist! If you haven't heard it before then where the hell have you been?!

Brain Diver by May'n from Phi Brain

Back to JPop/JRock artists I am falling in love with, May'n has been on my brain for a while now. It really all started with Brain Diver from Phi Brain and then spanned into Vivid from last year's Blood Lad. It has a mix of things I love about it, including an arrangement I can rock out to and May'n with her awesome vocals! Plus the fun chorus helps quite a bit. It makes me want to watch Phi Brain right now just listening to this song! Should probably do that.

7 Girls War by/from Wake Up, Girls!

When you're talking about anime and their love of Japanese idols, it's  bit of a grey area for me. Mostly because I don't know much about this subgenre of Slice of Life. However, when this was fixed months ago thanks to Wake Up, Girls! and with 7 Girls War specifically, I think expanding into that subgenre is probably a good idea. Not only is this real life idol groups so cute and adorable, but this song has me dancing around the room whenever I listen to it. Or at least, tap my foot while in public. Full of fun catchy moments, just give the song a listen! I bet you'll be dancing around as well!

Heart Realize by Tia/supercell from Noragami

Noragami has been one of my favorite series from this year, as of right now. You may think I would mention the opening theme from Hello Sleepwalkers (though it is catchy as hell and I love it), but I wanted to talk about the ending theme, Heart Realize. Supercell is a group I've been learning about recently thanks to a review you'll be seeing from me later this month and I've been enjoying bits and pieces of their work. However, before I knew it was supercell, I was in love with this song! I could never skip it when watching Noragami (normally I skip endings, so that should say something), and it's such a beautiful song! Not only does it sound great, but Tia is such an amazing vocalist! But, you can be the judge for yourself!

Great Escape by Cinema Staff from Attack on Titan

This is one of those endings that I would normally ignore, but while looking for some new songs a few weeks ago I ran into this one again, gave it a full listen, and then added it to my playlist! It's, once again, one of those JRock tunes that I can't ignore and is just so damn fun to listen to! The opening of the song along is pretty badass, in my opinion. Plus, the music video for this song is rather fun! Even though everyone expects me to freak out over Attack on Titan's first opening, I won't. Partly because I feel Great Escape needs more credit, and partly because I like causing a stir sometimes by defying the norm!

Oto no Naru Hou E --> by Goosehouse from Silver Spoon

You know how sometimes the cast from an anime will sing an opening or ending theme? Well, this isn't one of those times as I had found out while writing this. Which is actually rather interesting because Goosehouse could easily be mistaken as the Silver Spoon cast if we didn't do the research. This simple acoustic song/rap just oozes a fun energy that I can really appreciate! It's a really easy listen, and sometimes it's good to get something nice and simple into your brain.

Viva Namida by Yasuyuki Okamura from Space Dandy

Ok, for those wondering if I enjoy Space Dandy the answer is yes. For those wondering if I was going to mention the opening since I mentioned Noragami (a series from the same season as Space Dandy), the answer is yes. The theme song itself is just so colorful, fitting really nicely with Space Dandy. Add in this song and you have an pretty badass opening! The music video for the single is pretty awesome too! Overall, it's just one of those songs you just can't not enjoy! Take a listen!

That's all of the songs I'm obsessed over right now! If you guys like this kind of post, then please let me know and I'll be more than happy to make another one later on down the line! Until next time, otaku on my friends!

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