Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lilac's Impressions Summer 2012 (Week 4)

Well folks, it’s been a long month, but it’s time for the end of our travels with this season’s new anime. Last week 5 anime received passes or fails. This week, we have 5 more series, waiting to get a final grade. Will they pass? Or will they fail? Let’s find out.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Episode 3

Ok. I know I said last week that this series was too interesting to drop. Sadly, I think I may eat my words. Granted we get a scene between a teacher and one of the candidates for President cause they are sisters, but it’s not much of a twist. There are hints of scandal and betrayal coming out of the wood work though, which is something I can get behind. This kind of makes Chocolate a high school version of an actual election. Where scandals and lies always seem to happen. But this is still high school, so there’s going to be some useless angst hiding in there. I’m getting mixed feelings about this series now. And I still haven’t had my dark moment that episode 1 had. I think, for right now, this one is going on hold. Purely because, right now, I can’t see myself following this series every single week.

Pass or Fail: Tentative Pass (On Hold)

He forgot to turn his swag off....
Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im outo ga Iru!
Episode 3

Well, I got what I asked for last week and we have more sister drama. However, I somehow get the feeling that Shougo picked the wrong picked girl he thinks is his sister. As much as this girl seems to look like him, I can’t help but get the sinking feeling that she isn’t his sister. Maybe it’s only the third episode in, but who knows. The episode is rather interesting with two girl pretending to be Shougo’s “sister” in order for him to be attracted to girls again after a slight encounter with another girl pretending to be a guy. I will give the show some credit, it does try to be a real life as possible in scenarios and character reactions, albeit kinda odd. I’m still really interesting in where this series is going. So I guess only means one thing....

Pass or Fail: Pass

Merry Christmas, you dead.
Sword Art Online
Episode 3

Again with the character 180! I’m going to get whiplash from all this 180ing! But this series did something that I never really thought could happen. It made me tear up and almost cry. When a series somehow manages to pull on my heart strings like that, you know it’s a good show. With Kritio still feeling like crap for letting another guild die off, you have to wonder what’s going to happen next. Cause if it keeps up like this then nothing much will happen. It was also good to see Klein again. He seems like an interesting character. Maybe him and Asuna will help Kritio get out of his little rut. But, we haven’t seen Asuna this episode. Maybe next week?

Pass or Fail: Pass

Kokoro Connect
Episode 3

First of all, I wanna say that I knew what Yui’s malfunction was. It was nice to see some character development in this episode, even if it was just one character. It’s also nice to see there’s going to be more character development in the next episode. The whole mystery of the body switching thing hasn’t come up again, but it’s a nice trade off. I really hope we have at least one episode dedicated to a character. Cause it seems like, at least for the girls, they have a lot of issues going on in their lives. This series has certainly been a pleasant surprise, so far, and I look forward to watching more.


Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Episode 3

This one.... This one here is a really tough call..... I like the idea of the story and it’s characters. However, the comedy and some of the character’s stupidity really bugs me. I just don’t know what to say about it. I had such a hard time that I even asked a friend what she thought of the show so far, but it bugs her too. If it had less comedy and more serious, then I may not have as much of a problem. After thinking about this as I write this, I think this one is over for me. It’s not the weakest of the season, but it’s not the best, in my opinion. Oh and, by the way series, it would be helpful if you address the obvious plot hole of how the main male managed to time travel. Just saying.

Pass or Fail: Fail

Well, folks, that’s it! We’ve been through 13 series and we brought the list down to 7.... ^^; Oh boy. Granted, some of the weaker series will probably get reviews later on down the line. And, maybe even, some getting review sooner then you think. I guess we shall see. What did you think of this season’s new series? Which is you favorite and which is you least favorite? Post your thoughts below.

Until next season, otaku on my friends!

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