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Lilac's Impressions, Summer 2012 (Week 3)

Well, we have a new series joining us this week. It’s a little late to the party, but not as much as it’s buddy OVA series I wanna see. So...... I guess we can start at the beginning.

Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebisugawa Koukou Tenmon-Bu
Episode 1

This one has potential, I’ll give it that. But there seems to be a lot of connivence going on here. The Astronomy Club just happens to face abolishment when a first year just happens to wanna join the club in order to save it. Granted how the club test’s her is a little funny and extreme, but it’s also kinda dumb. And then there’s the token fan service character. Similar to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suyzumiya, except it’s more constant and she’s stripped down to her underwear. I just can’t get into this series, for some reason. I guess I’m predicting it to be really bad or something, or I’ve seen too many series this season to really focus. None the less, I’m calling this one quits. Sorry Astronomy Club.

Well, I wasted some time.... On to the Episode 2s!

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate
Episode 2
This series is starting to grow on me a little bit. Granted we haven’t had the dark part since the beginning of the series, but, in this case, I can kinda understand why. This episode basically gives Oojima the chance to think about the election and wether or not he wants to take part. In the end, he get the Snacksearch Club to have a fair election for whom the club thinks would be the best choice to run for President. He tries to push the members towards another person, however it backfires and Oojima gets elected instead. This is a good episode because it has comedy, sincere thought, and some character development for some of the minor characters including the girl Oojima is now going to run against. My hope is it will give us something dark in the next episode to kind of cement my interest in this series. If not, then I’m not quite sure if I’ll keep watching it or just put it on hold. I do know I don’t plan on completely dropping the series. It just seems way to interesting to drop.

Episode 2

This series has a lot of Japanese culture references that are just going way over my head. So, unless you understand those references, you’re going to get bored really fast. Sadly, that’s what happened to me. I enjoyed the first episode and I laughed so hard when the conversation about dogs came up, however, there are a ton of things I’m not understanding in this show. What else didn’t help this show for me was the same thing going on over and over again. I understand it’s cause we get to enjoy cute girls having conversations, but I was hoping for something more then just that. I’m going to have to drop Joshiraku now. I didn’t want to cause it has potential, but it’s not working out for me.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im outo ga Iru!
Episode 2

Well, I get the feeling those bathroom scenes with one of the girls is going to happen every episode. YAY PATTERNS!! There is some good news here. Normally in harem shows like this, once they keep their focus on a girl, then that’s the girl the male lead ends up with. But this episode featured more time with a couple other girls to kind of bring in more options. Which is nice change so we can get more time with the other girls. However, this whole sister thing is starting to bug me... I know it’s the main point in the series, but it hasn’t really gone anywhere aside from character has a sister, she keeps calling him, the end. I just need something more to work with here...Well, hopefully next week proves to have something worthwhile if it wants to keep my interest for the rest of the summer.

Sword Art Online
Episode 2

Oh I do love these fight scenes. They sure are nice looking. And we finally get to meet our other lead character, Asuna. And we also get the kind of “I’m going to distance myself from the other players so they don’t hate all beta testers” kind of deal by the end of the episode.... Though, it’s not quite working. Right now, I’m not fond of Kikro... He’s back and forth to me. He can be strong, but he has issues with trusting people and taking care of people. I know he wants to do things to survive and not harm anyone else, but he needs to shape up big time. Maybe we’ll get back on track next week. Though... Most likely, I’ll end up watching this series anyway. At this point, I would either keep watching or put it on hold. No plans on dropping this series right now.

Kokoro Connect
Episode 2

Not even a minute in, and we get a triple body switch. Well, it certainly keeps you on your toes. And it’s giving us more then just body switching high school hijinks. I’m liking this more and more by the minute! If Natusyuki is my romance series, Koi to Chocolate is my dark mystery type series, and Sword Art Online is my action series for the summer, the Kokoro Connect is the surprise series of the summer for me. You can’t help but be really really intrigued with what these kids are going through, and now with this plot about HeartSeed and stuff, I can’t help but wanna watch more. Just please, oh please DO NOT screw this up for me! I really really have my hopes up now and I would be so upset if it just fails.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou
Episode 2

I didn’t quite have high hopes for this series, but I will say this; it’s not half bad. True some of the filler/pandering times are crap, but the serious times are really really something. And it’s those moments that are keeping me attached to this series. I was actually tempted to call it quiets after 5 minutes, but I’m glad I stuck through it. If Nobuna gives more heart warming/serious moments, then I could see myself at least keeping this from being dropped from my list. With only one week to go, it would have to do something extremely stupid to ruin it for me.

And now for the final verdict for these five series! Which ones am I going to keep watching?

Tari Tari
Episode 3

I was completely and utterly afraid going into this third episode of Tari Tari that the show wouldn’t go any where now that the recital is over. Ladies and gentleman, I have been proven wrong. Granted there are more hijinks in this episode, but with the choir club losing almost all it’s members, you need some sort of episode in order to gain more. And it seems like there is going to be more of a plot going on that DOES pertain to music. My major worry is with Wien’s character. Cause he kinda seems like a complete dunce, but I’m willing to let it slide as long as he learns something by series end. I’m also interested to know more about Sakai and her past, along with her dead mother. Hopefully, this series will end on a high note, because I was looking forward to this one. Guess we shall see where this goes.

Pass or Fail: Tentative Pass

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Episode 3

So we go from Skinless Chickens trying to take over the world to the revival of manga. I’m liking how Jinrui is going through older human customs that seem more modern to us. It brings out the humor of the series more and more, making it really enjoyable. We still don’t know the name of out main female character, but she seems to be the most grounded person in this world. She’s doesn’t want anything to do with the whole manga revival and is just doing her job. But, now that they are stuck in some empty panels, I wonder what will happen now. Hell, I wonder what’s going to happen for the rest of the series. I was originally turned by the WTF moments from the first episode. However, giving it a second chance helped me understand it more. My only worry, at this point, is some of the characters and their intelligence. But that’s more of a nit-pick on the side characters rather then the main cast. But I guess we shall see, won’t we.

Pass or Fail: Pass

La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Episode 3

*sigh* This series makes me sad.... So very sad. We haven’t gotten any actual plot since episode 1. All we get is a story about a lost cat and one about ghosts and kids. I didn’t have high expectations going into the series, but I also didn’t think it would be worse then I thought. As far as I know of, this series is going NO WHERE. I’m not even sure if it was going somewhere to begin with. The only redeeming quality are the secondary characters like Luca, Pace, Dante, and Debito. As for our leads: Felicita, Liberta, and Nova, I either find no value in them or they do a personality 180 like Kirito did at the end of episode 2 of SAO. I’ll say this now, I will most likely review this later on down the line. However, for right now, I refuse to watch anymore.

Pass or Fail: FAIL

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi
Episode 3

Ah young love. Such a lovely splendid thing this is. And what a lovely splendid series Chouyaku is. I’ve been hearing mixed feelings on the series as of late. On person saying that they think the animation is cheap. I wouldn’t call it cheap. I would call it a stylistic choice. Sure, they probably don’t have much for a budget, but they are using the money very wisely, in my opinion. It’s also a lot of fun the learn about these poets and their love life. Wether or not these are true stories is to be determined. But it does at least say this is a liberal interpretation of an anthology. It’s up there with Natusyuki as a really good romance series right now, except the part where this series is episodic. I normally hate episodic series that have some sort of plot in them. Good thing this one only has poetic connections to each episode. I don’t have much worrying to do about this series. This is one of these five I can confidently say I will be watching no matter what!

Pass or Fail: Pass

Natsuyuki Rendezvous
Episode 3

I think we all know this one is a no brainer. We all know what I’m going to give Natsuyuki for a grade. But let’s talk about this series for a second. But I didn’t expect some slight ghost comedy that actually kind of works. I had a feeling it would come up eventually, but it wasn’t some sort of random hijinks. This romance is really growing, not too fast because Rokka has her doubts and her missing her dead husband. Then there’s the dead husband trying to convince Hazaki to lend him his body so he can be with Rokka for just a moment. We don’t know what for, but we do know he’s going to be bugging the crap out of Hazaki for this. My only question now is, was Hazaki really sincere about helping Shimao pass on? Or is he just saying anything to the dead man in order to get the girl. I guess we shall see.


Well, folks, we’re heading for the home stretch! Next week, we wrap five more series and give some final verdicts based on the first 3 episodes! Be sure you come back next week as I decided, personally, wether Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, Kono Naka ni Hitori, Im outo ga Iru!, Sword Art Online, Kokoro Connect, and Oda Nobuna pass or fail. If you guys think these First Impression posts are cool, and want me to do more in the future, then leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you know of any interesting series coming up this fall, tell me and I’ll see if I find them interesting.

Until next time, otaku on my friends.

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