Friday, October 23, 2015

New Home, Set, and Manga Tag!

Hey everyone! it's been a while since I did a little vlog of sorts! Now that I'm rather settled into my new apartment, I have some catching up to do! See me put together my new set and take on the manga tag thanks to good old NoahClue!!


Manga Tag Questions
1. What was your first manga?
2. What was your most expensive manga?
3. What was your least expensive manga?
4. What is the most boring manga you own?
5. What is your favorite manga (series)?
6. What is the most relatable manga that you own?
7. What is one manga that you own that is based off of an anime? (not the other way around)
8. What is your rarest manga?
9. One of your reprinted manga. (Printed in the past but printed again by another company)
10. The most popular manga series you own.
11. What is the most damaged manga you own?
12. Which manga has the most amazing art?
13. Oldest published manga that you own.
14. Newest published manga that you own?
15. A recent manga that your purchased.

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