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Lilac's Impressions: Fall 2014 (Week 3)

We’ve done it! We’ve made it to Week Three together! YAY!!!! I apologize, I’ve been rather tired lately so don’t mind the odd energy today! Any who, last week there were 11 series to talk about. Five received final grades, two were dropped after episode two, and the remaining four have made it to their final week! For Parastye, Supernatural Battles, Yona, and Lie in April it’s time to let the cards fall as they may! Let’s do this!

Parasyte -the maxim-
Episode 3

This series just keeps getting more and more interesting. Since we have some establishment out of the way in the first two episodes, we now have a new character to add into the mix. Tamiya is an infected human who is teaching at Izumi’s school. Her character has been interesting because 1) she only wants to keep the status quo and learn from humans and 2) she is actually pregnant with a human child after having sex with another infected human, A. Can you see what is making this so interesting? What scientist wouldn’t want to study something like that?! Anyways, Parasyte has been a very strong series this season alongside Garo and Kokkuri-san. That’s why, it should come as no surprise to anyone, that Parastye is also getting the highest grade this season alongside them. Parasyte gets a BIG FREAKING PASS from me! It has so much going for it, and it hasn’t dropped the ball once since starting it! MadHouse, just go back to making all the horror series because this is your strong suit.


When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace
Episode 3

Still totally ok with them not needing to use their powers on a constant basis! I guess the downside, though, is that I didn’t laugh as much as I normally do while watching this one. It may be because I’m a little exhausted from covering all these series and I’m in the home stretch, but I still do enjoy this series a lot. The story and characters have been rather easy to follow, and some of the hijinks that come up are just way too funny to ignore. Also, the rather funny references to Kill La Kill are rather intriguing, i.e. the boxing glove and tennis racket. I know there’s going to be a much more complicated story then what we’ve had so far, thanks to the introduction to Tomoya’s older brother in this episode. It’ll just be interesting as to what that story line will end up being. I would love to see where this journey takes me, so Supernatural Battles is getting a Passing grade from me this season! Again, it was an odd choice to go with a comedy like this on Studio Trigger’s part, but it’s turning out to be the right choice as of now so I’m up for more!

Final Grade: Pass

Yona of the Dawn
Episode 3

This series is going to be riddled with flashbacks for a while, isn’t it. I suppose that’s alright seeing as how we need to know what the heck is going on here. However, the majority of this episode is just full of flashbacks. One from Hak three years prior to the king’s death where he becomes Yona’s bodyguard, and the other from Yona of when the trio were kids and got sick one snowy day. Although the second one didn’t entirely make sense until the end of it where it was Yona’s dream and her reaction to it, the first one at least gave some insight as to Hak and his relationship to Yona. Again, I sense a love triangle coming with this series. Which is fine, it’s a common story telling troupe for romance series. I’m just glad it’s making itself more than just a cliche love story. Therefore, Yona of the Dawn gets a Passing grade from me this season! I may have needed a break from high school romance series like Wolf Girl and Black Prince, but that doesn’t mean I need a break from romance series entirely.

Final Grade: Pass

Your Lie in April
Episode 3

I have got to hand it to this show, you know how to make some pretty visuals. Just saying. Basically this episode has the classic, “I know you’re good at X, so I’m going to convince you to help me with Y” scenario. In this case, Koari knows how much of a prodigy Kousei was as a child pianist, so she tries to get him to play as her accompanist in the next round of the competition she’s a part of. Of course, he refuses up until the day of after she begs him and has an emotional moment. This episode also gives us the reason why Kousei stopped playing years ago, which is another plus. This series has grown on me so much in such a short amount of time. I did tear up a little bit during this episode so points there. What I’m really happy for is that the story and the characters are really beginning to take off and become their own. I know this was a slight problem back during week one, but that problem has left the building and has improved a lot! Because of that, I don’t mind giving Your Lie in April a Passing grade and keep it around for the season. It’s just so beautiful and I can’t imagine letting it go after three episodes.

Final Grade: Pass

Before I discuss the final result, let’s have a chat about some other series I’m watching this season….

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Episodes 0-3

This one is one of the highly anticipated ones this season because Fate/Zero was such a big success. That I can certainly understand. I can also understand the desire to remake this series, because the original series was kinda meh to me. So far, this series is going very well! Granted it’s taking a similar plot line as the original, except for a few different pieces here and there. I’ve heard from people about the different stories the visual novel can take you down, though I’m not extremely familiar with those stories and their outcomes. I’ll be excited to see where it decides to go. But, either way, a ufotable Fate/Stay Night makes me a happy camper regardless so…. HORRAY!!!

Mushi-Shi: The Next Chapter season 2
Episodes 1-2

It was odd how this one ended after only 10 episodes last spring, but I am very happy that Mushi-shi was at least going to continue this season. The first two episodes this season are actually rather interesting. The first was a look back at Ginko as a child while he was still learning from Mushi-shi and how to deal with his odd circumstance. It was a nice look back considering the first season didn’t have this happen until, if I recall correctly, the last few episodes of that season. As for the second episode, Ginko isn’t involved all that much as this one focuses on a man who is stuck in a time loop. He does encounter Ginko in this loop, so he’s there, but it’s mostly about this man. We’re off to a good start, once again, for Mushi-Shi! These stories and the folklore that it creates is very interesting and also soothing at the same time. Yay!!

Psycho-Pass 2
Episodes 1-4

First and foremost, it took a while for me to finally finish the first season. I watched most of it while visiting family a couple months ago, but only just recently watched the final four episodes. As in this past Saturday night. Yeah, I’d dropped the ball on that one long ago, but, hey, I got it back at least! Honestly, wasn’t sure how a second season could happen cause I was fine with how season one ended. Yet, here we are! So far, the story for this season is fairly interesting. It has some remnants of the first season, and yet it is different in methodology. However, I don’t think this season is going to be just as good as the first. This is another case like Aldnoah.Zero where Gen Urobuchi is supervising rather than directing the series. And, as we have seen before, this sometimes doesn’t have the best result. What’s also interesting is that there are only 11 episodes set for this second season. Though this may change in the coming weeks depending on the direction, I’m curious to know if it will get a decent story out there in the time it has. We’ll have to wait and see with this one.

Selector Spread WIXOSS
Episodes 1-5

Selector Infected was one of my favorite series from earlier this year, and I have been waiting very patiently for the second season to come out. Because the first season ended as it did, obviously there had to be a second season in order for the story to be complete… or continued… that hasn’t quite been decided yet… The sad part about the series right now is, it’s using some rather cliche story telling methods. Luckily, the show itself is even pointing it out through one of it’s characters who is so excitable that she even notices things like cliches. Along with that is that same character is finally getting more screen time since she was neglected a lot during the first season. I’m really hoping it’s not going to keep up with the cliched story telling and really make it it’s own. I will say, that the story is really kicking it up a few notches considering Ruko and the other girls are currently trying to learn what WIXOSS actually is. I think it’s heading into the right direction!

Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road
Episodes 1-3

I’ve been looking forward to the second season starting up for quite some time now. Considering how the first season ended, it REALLY needed a second one in order to finish the current arc the show has. Because of that, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about because it just continues the story. I will say a couple things about it, though:

1) Who’d a thought that Midousuji would have a crappy childhood.
2) The opening is my favorite one for the series yet!
3) Needs more singing Onoda

I may be only three episodes in, but I still love this series! I’m very glad it’s back this season and I really hope we get to have some real fun with it!

And now, the final results of the fall season!!

Already Graded:
Garo The Animation
Gugure! Kokkuri-san
Parasyte -the maxim-

Magic Kaito 1412
Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace
Yona of the Dawn
Your Lie in April

Tentative Pass
Amagi Brilliant Park
Cross Ange

Tentative Fail (On-Hold)
Celestial Method
Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Previously Dropped (ep.)
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepard (1)
Denki-Gai (2)
Fruit of Grisaia (2)
In Search of the Lost Future (2)
Laughing Under the Clouds (1)
Shirobako (2)
Terraformers (1)
Trinity Seven (2)
World Trigger (2)

Other Series (ep.)
Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (4 including prologue)
Mushi-shi: Sequel Chapter s2 (2)
Psycho-Pass 2 (4)
Selector Spread WIXOSS (5)
Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road (3)

If you still want more seasonal goodness, then head on over to Rainy Day for our biweekly seasonal report! The second report is up now with myself covering Amagi, Garo, Parasyte, World Trigger, Trinity Seven, and Your Lie in April!

I also wanted to make an announcement. Since I’m graduating with my Masters in May, I need some time to get my life sorted out and decide on what my next phase in life is going to be. Seeing as how Impressions can be extremely time consuming, I’m going to place this series on hold for the time being. At least for the Winter and Spring seasons, maybe Summer depending on how everything goes. I’ll still be a part of the seasonal reports on Rainy Day, so all is not entirely lost. If I am just able to give myself even the slightest bit of extra time to work on my future, then I will take advantage of it. Thank you everyone for understanding and thank you so much for keeping up with this rather insane project!

Until next time, otaku on my friends!

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