Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Impressions 2014: Week 2 Pt. 2

We’ve made it through the half way point for the Spring Impressions! Last time we were here, 7 series walked in and 4 made it out. This week I’m making a few changes and will be covering 7 more series today! Part of this is due to release schedule, part of this is to help even things out a little bit since I like some sort of balance. Let’s get started!

My new favorite character!
Episode 2

I decided to moved Haikyuu!! over to this half of the week mostly for fun. Speaking of fun! These two major characters are just a big ball of fun! Their interactions with each other had me laughing so much and it’s exciting to see a classic friendship building scenario set up here. Not only that, but we’ll get to see the two of them play together in the next episode so it’ll be interesting to see how they do on the same team! Not only are our leads fun, but the other members of the volleyball team, that we’ve met so far, are a lot of fun as well! Especially that captain. There’s a reason why I have him as the image for the show this week, and now you know. No questions asked, Haikyuu!! will be taking the court again next week! Let’s kick some major volleyball butt!

Knights of Sidonia
Episode 2

This one is a rather tough one to talk about this week. Let’s start with what I liked. The action was pretty good.... Uhmm.... Yeah.... I can’t think of a lot of things I liked about this episode. I can’t really tell if there’s too much or too little going on with the series. Some of the characters are unlikable and boring. Hell, overall I found the episode boring! It was harder to get into and I found myself watching the time to see how much longer it was going to be. I’m sad to say, then, that Knights of Sidonia won’t get another week. I hate being so harsh on some shows, but I have to if I’m going to be watching some of them for the next few months.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure
Episode 2

Well we’re getting more and more characters in the series established so there’s a plus! And we also have the Adventure Club and it’s mission established as well! We are on a roll here! Even though the set up is coming along nicely and parts of the animation look nice, I’m a little concerned about the characters. Many of them give off stereotypical characteristics and turns them into something fairly boring. The only good part about this is it doesn’t affect the personalities of Juugo and Nanana and helps make the series more tolerable. Though there are moments where some explanation is needed and some of the characters really really bug me, I’m willing to give Nanana another adventure into next week. I really am curious to know what kind of series this will end up being, so let’s find out!

I kinda feel bad only cause we're both Stephanie...
No Game No Life
Episode 2

I’ll admit, the whole bit with Stephanie Dola being stuck loving Sora was kinda funny. I couldn’t help laughing my head off whenever she was beating hers against a hard surface. The problem is, that was really the one thing I enjoyed about the episode. The series still looks really pretty and it did give me some fun moments, but the story hasn’t really gone any where yet. Not only that, but I don’t really like our main duo. Sora is just a annoying douche nugget and Shiro has basically no personality to her character. It makes watching the show much more difficult if I don’t like the main characters involved, and it’s hard to say if this will change in the next episode. I think it’s safe to say that I’m done watching this series. It has good ideas, but the characters just aren’t that likable for me to keep watching it.

One Week Friends
Episode 2

OH MY GOD ALL OF THE CUTE!! ALL OF THE CUTE FOREVER!!! Hase is actually really smart! He thought up the diary idea for Kaori so that way she can read it every week and at least know that she had a friend even though she still can’t remember. Granted, he later admits it was partly motivated by selfish reasons but it was still really nice how it ended up! Not only that, but seeing Kaori have fun with something she’s never done before just makes it all the more cute! This is another one with no huge plot line and, like I said with Kawai Complex earlier this week, I’m totally fine with this! So it’s no surprise that One Week Friends and I get another week together! Maybe they’ll finally get some crepes in the next episode!

Riddle Story of Devil
Episode 2

Unlike Haikyuu!! and the series following Riddle Story, there’s actually a good reason why I moved Riddle Story to the second half. That’s because it has been licensed by FUNimation and they have been releasing the episodes almost a week late. Because of this, I figured why not move the show so I can avoid going rouge in watching it to release Impressions on time. Makes life easier! Anyways! So we get the rest of the Black Class and the rules established. Good. We have Tokaku choosing to protect Haru instead of kill her. Good. We get more background on Haru. Good. I think we’re off to a really good start here! It’s a slow burn right now seeing as how not much action has happened, however the time is being taken to establish the characters and this game that they are about to play. I’ve very curious to know where the series will go from here, so Riddle Story gets another week to teach me that. Let’s see what Tokaku and Haru will do next!

You better do your best....
Weaving of Fates
Episode 2

The last of the trio to be moved, and this one is moved, again, cause I wanted to. I needed something man servicey to balance all these other interesting shows! Speaking of man service, it’s not as prominent as it was in the first episode but there were some moments. Then we have some camaraderie between our heroine Yui and four out of the eight gods. Not a bad start for Yui and her mission to get her butt back home! We get a little more of an idea of why all nine of them are there and we do see the gods a bit more and are even introduced to remaining two, Thor and Dionysus. Not gonna lie here, I enjoy this show. It’s gotten some giggles out of me, and I am liking the whole gods as humans deal. But it’s probably because it’s been a while since I saw a man servicey kind of anime. Regardless, Weaving of Fates is making it’s way into Week 3! It just may end up as my guilty pleasure series this season.

And now let’s see where we are before heading into the final week!

Currently Watching (ep.):
Brynhildr in the Darkness (2)
Captain Earth (2)
Haikyu!! (2)
The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior (2)
Mekaku City Actors (1)
Nanana’s Buried Treasure (2)
One Week Friends (2)
Riddle Story of Devil (2)
Selector Infected WIXOSS (2)
Weaving of Fates (2)
The World is Still Beautiful (2)

Dropped (ep.):
Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (dropped due to access)
Baby Steps (2)
Black Bullet (1)
Coffin Princess Chaika (1)
Daimidaler: Prince VS. Penguin Empire (1)
The Irregular at Magic High School (2)
Is the Order a Rabbit? (1)
Knights of Sidonia (2)
La Corda D’Oro ~Blue Sky~ (1)
No Game No Life (2)

Not Yet Aired:
M3 ~That Black Steel~
Sadon Desu

Other Series Not Covered (ep.):
Ace of Diamond (19)
The Comic Artist and Assistants (2)
Fairy Tail 2014 (2)
Mushi-Shi: Sequel Chapter (2)
Soul Eater Not! (2)
Yowapeda (18)

We’re nearing the end of my Spring Impressions! Next week, I’m tackling all 11 series in one go! Let’s see which ones I’ll be keeping for the season!! Until next time, otaku on my friends!

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