Friday, October 18, 2013

Lilac's Impressions: Fall 2013 (Week 2, Pt. 2)

We are almost done with the second week of Impressions, and still no word on Pupa. This is kind of depressing... Anyways, on with the other four Fall shows!!

Ace of the Diamond
Episode 2

I’m glad I didn’t drop this one last week. I had the problem before with how the show was spending its time. This time that problem was solved. Granted, the problem may come up again at some point in the series, but as long as it’s not that often then I can live with it. The problem I have now is Eijun’s character. He’s a little on the dense side, not even seeing how his friends encourage him to go, at first. Though it does make Eijun into a character with a strong sense of friendship, it holds his character back. I’m really hoping this helps him grow throughout the series, cause this seems like a character stereotype to me. All I can really say now is, let’s see how week three goes!


Episode 2

Alright! I think I get where this series is planning on going. It’s more than likely going to have an episodic plot to it with each episode being split into two parts. This is fine. As long as I know what’s going on. For this episode each part focused on a member of the Glasses Club, and this was actually rather nice. We got a little backstory into these two characters involving one being left out and the other being a bad luck charm. This show is my new favorite, kicking Golden Time’s butt right now. Is that a bad thing for Golden Time? We’ll have to see next week when both these shows meet. But, yeah, keep it up Meganebu!

Goto is not amused...
Samurai Flamenco
Episode 2

Umbrellas. The theme of this week’s episode. And what a fun theme it is! A couple other fun things from this episode include an introduction to the three female characters in the show as a musical act, with one of them knowing what Red Axe is. That’ll be fun to see again later. Also, I have to point out the soundtrack for a second here, because there is a rendition of the Pink Panther theme song in this episode and it just made me smile. Right now, I really love this show! It has fun characters and not much of a story, but a fun story none the less! Going into Week three, I’m hoping Samurai Flamenco will give me a little bit more to work with. Maybe someone else discovering Flamenco’s identity? We shall see!

Episode 2

Episode two of Yowapeda leads us into a race up a steep hill at the school, though we are left with a cliffhanger by the end. This show is really beginning to grow on me as well, and it’s a Sports anime of all things! I think one of the things that I’m enjoying about the show is out otaku centric main character. A good amount of the humor, so far, has his love of anime and manga at the center. I may not have seen a lot of Sports anime, but I’m pretty sure you don’t see a lot with an otaku as the main character. It’s getting up there along with Meganebu for my favorite of the season, but we’ll have to see where Week Three takes this show. It looks like we’re looking into more of friendship aspect next time. But, hopefully, we cement the plot further? Going to have to wait till next week to find out!

Now let’s take a quick look at where I stand with the Fall lineup!

Currently Watching
Ace of the Daimond (ep. 2)
Coppelion (ep. 2)
Diabolik Lovers (ep. 5)
Golden Time (ep. 2)
Kill La Kill (ep. 2)
Meganebu! (ep. 2)
Nagi no Asukara (ep. 2)
Samurai Flamenco (ep. 2)
Yowapeda (ep. 2)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel (ep. 1)
Beyond the Boundary (ep. 2)
BlazBlue: Alter Memory (ep. 1)
Galilei Donna (ep. 1)
I Couldn’t Become a Hero, so I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job (ep. 1)
Log Horizon (ep. 1)
Strike the Blood (ep. 2)
Unbreakable Machine Doll (ep. 1)

Not Yet Aired:

We’re nearing the end of this season’s Impressions! Week Three will be coming out next Friday with all eight shows, and, maybe some, Diabolik Lovers. I will be posting something on Sunday though, so be on the look out! Until then, otaku on my friends!

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