Friday, July 19, 2013

Lilac's Impressions: Summer 2013 (Week 2)

Well here we are! Week 2 of my summer impressions! Last week I dropped Genshiken cause I need to watch the first two seasons before that, and Neptunia because it just doesn’t appeal to me all that much. That gives us eight shows to work with this week. Who made the cut? Let’s find out!

Blood Lad
Episode 2

This week, I decided to start with Blood Lad, because it was the first I was able to access easily. Last time, I mentioned how much energy the first episode had and my concern that it would come crashing down later on. I can say that the energy level isn’t as bombastic as the previous episode, however it had good reason. We wanted to spend some time in the real world and see what Yamagi’s life was. The lack of bombastic energy helps contrast the human world and the demon world, so a change of pace makes more sense here. We’re also introduced to Bell in this episode, and the cause of Yamagi getting into the demon world. Certainly Yamagi’s opposite in a lot of ways, and a bit of a trickster to Staz. Next time we get a werewolf involved in this series, so that’ll be interesting. Blood Lad isn’t my favorite right now, but it’s still pretty good as far as I can tell. So I’m going to give it another week and see where the series takes me next. I just hope, since we’re going back to the demon world, the energy level goes back up to help keep the balance.

Episode 2

So I decided to go with Free next this week, cause I felt like it and I needed my dose of buff swimmers. We finally have the new swim club up and running this episode, minus one member. We do get a glimpse at him though, and it seems that the next episode will have him featured more. We also learn a little more of the friendship between Haru and Rin, bringing in the whole power of friendship deal that a lot of people are used to seeing in one form or another. This episode certainly put the focus on where it was needed, the establishment of the swim club. I’m curious how the next episode will pan out with the new guy coming in. But for now, it’s still passing.

Episode 2

I went with Danganponpa next this week, mostly because I was ready to see the story pick up. And boy it did! Two people are dead and our main character is now the prime suspect. We also get a small peak into the Class Trial system before we even get to have one. I’m having a hard time trying to judge this series. Granted it’s finally getting somewhere, but it kinda seems to be dragging on a little bit. I know it seems weird, but that’s the feeling I’m getting. However, I can’t really pass judgement on it until I see the first Class Trial. Next episode may be the deciding factor for wether or not I’ll keep watching this show. Guess we’ll have to see won’t we?

Episode 2

So Fate/Kaleid. I thought the first episode was ok. This week, I’m not sure where I stand. Granted, we finally get some more action in here but it’s not enough for me. As the episode progressed, I kept losing interest in the series. Part of it may be because it’s an alternate universe of the Fate/Stay Night setting but with magical girls. I think what it’s come down to now, is that there’s more interesting series for me this summer. And since I should end up with five after next week, that means something needs to be dropped and I’m ok with dropping Fate/Kaleid. More than likely, I’ll come back to it later, but for now I’ll let this one go.

Episode 2

So I recently watched Arkada’s reaction to this series, and I can’t help but form similar thoughts on this series. It’s adorable and charming, but that can only get you so far. I also, don’t remember really having any laugh out loud moments. Maybe that’s because I was watching the episode at ten at night with really bad internet connection that made buffering a real pain in the butt, however I’m starting to see that the humor may not be my cup of tea. I’m fine with giving it another episode and seeing where it leads me because I’ve heard positive things about the original manga and I’m hoping the same can be sad for this anime.

Servant x Service
Episode 2

So now we have the other comedy series of my ten, Servant X Service. It’s odd, but I actually had more laughs with this show than I did with Watamote. Maybe it’s cause I’m more into slap stick humor then more subtle intelligent humor. That or Watamote is just off this week. As for Servant X Service, I’ve been hearing some people not enjoying it saying that it’s kinda silly and even boring. I’m kind of in the complete opposite camp and I’m enjoying it a bit. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a silly random comedy, so it’s a nice change. Between my two comedies, Servant X Service and Watamote, Servant X Service is my favorite. Maybe that will change next week. But Servant X Service is going to stay right now.

Rozen Maiden
Episode 2

Rozen Maiden. Oh Rozen Maiden. Last week I had the problem of a bunch of information being jammed down my throat. This time, it slows down a lot and gives us a look into alternate Jun. I think the major problem I’m having here is that I haven’t seen the original series. I thought that I would be fine since this one is supposed to be a retelling. As much as this show is interesting, I think it’s time to put this show aside until I get the chance to see the first series. After that, I’ll pick this one up again. I guess that’s the hard part about trying to watch shows when they’re sequels or retellings, you need to see the original before moving to the next.

Silver Spoon
Episode 2

Lastly, we’re down to Silver Spoon because it’s the last of the bunch to bring in new episodes. As much as I am not a farming kind of girl in any way shape or form, I think Silver Spoon is currently my favorite of the summer season thus far. It’s really simple with a lot of heart and charm to it which is very appealing to me. This gave me a few more laughs than Servant X Service did and this is more of a Slice of Life series. I can see myself keeping up with this series over the next couple of months, and I hope that it doesn’t take a nose dive next week cause I wanna keep this one going.

Well guys, we’re down to six shows now that Fate/Kaleid and Rozen Maiden are now out of the picture. Next week is the final week of my Impressions and episode 3 of Blood Lad, Free, Danganronpa, Watamote, Servant X Service, and Silver Spoon! Who will make my five for the season? Only one way to find out! Until then, otaku on my friends!

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