Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lilac's Impressions: Summer 2013 (Week 1) *UPDATED*


Well guys, it’s that time again! Where new anime series in Japan begin airing, and I get to give my thoughts on some of them over the course of 3 to 4 weeks. This time, I did things a little differently. Instead of just picking what shows interested me, I made a poll and had you, the reader, pick which shows I watch this season. So, without further adieu, here we go! 

Genshiken Nidaime
Episode 1

I stated this in my vlog and I will say this again, I have not seen any of the original Genshiken. Anywho, what to say about this first episode. It’s interesting to watch it in it’s third season since I haven’t seen the other two. Some of the things in it are easy to pick up without having watched previous seasons, others not so much. Mostly in the alumni department. I liked what I saw, but I feel like I really should try and watch the previous seasons instead of jumping into a newer season. I’m going to put this one on hold until then.

Rozen Maiden
Episode 1

I am going to preface this one and say that I have not seen the original Rozen Maiden as well. I’ve heard of it and have been told to see it many times, but I have yet to do so. As far as I know of this series is supposed to be a retelling of the series, so I shouldn’t have any problems. The only problem I have right this second is how much was crammed into the first episode. It’s great that some stuff is explained, but it sucks cause the information goes by so quickly that the viewer can’t digest it fast enough. I get the feeling this series may be a little difficult to follow. Regardless, I’ll give it another episode to see if it slows down any. If not, then we may have a problem.

Servant X Service
Episode 1

So a woman becomes a civil servant just for revenge against the person who let her birth certificate pass and gave her a really long name. Add in a fairly nervous girl in her first job and a slacker guy and you already can see the hijinks forming. I was kinda worried that this series was going to have too many references to Japanese culture that I wouldn’t understand it, but I’m glad there hasn’t been so far. It helps me focus more on the story and characters. I had a few laughs during this first episode, but nothing that got my really busting a gut. However, it’s funny and adorable enough for me to keep wanting to watch. We’ll see where it decides to go next week.

Episode 1

This series. It’s opening. So metal. And an epic google search, DeathNote style? I am liking this one already!! This is really a show that some girls can relate to. At some point we’ve had a hard time making friends or getting a boyfriend, and high school is when it’s the most difficult. But the hijinks Kuroki ends up in and how she handles them are really funny. Plus she herself is really adorable, espically when she is having those hard times of talking to people outside her family. I am very hopeful for this one, so I’ll keep at it!

Episode 1

I’ve seen Fate/Zero and loved it. I’ve seen Fate/Stay Night and thought it was ok. Now I get to try Fate/Kaleid and it’s..... Well...... I’m not sure what I think quite yet. It’s ok too, but Ruby was the thing that got me laughing like crazy and has me thinking about it a little bit more. I guess I can try and give it another episode. I just don’t really know what to think of it. I do at least know it’s not going to be as epic as Fate/Zero. But if it somehow manages to get better than Fate/Stay Night then we might have something here.

Blood Lad
Episode 1

The first thing I noticed about this series is its high energy and pace. It just keeps going and going like the Engerizer Bunny, with no clue how to stop. It’s nice to see an action/comedy go with this kind a approach. I also like Staz, the vampire. He’s just a curious guy who is very interested in the real world and what’s in it. Granted he can be an idiot at times this first episode, but it works pretty well right now. The problem Blood Lad may have to worry about, if they keep up the high energy, is making sure that energy doesn’t make a crash landing. Right now, Blood Lad is still a go. But we’ll see what the coming weeks bring.

Hyperdimension Neptunia
Episode 1

Why? Why did you guys pick this show? I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t finish the first episode. I tried, I really honest to god tried. But I couldn’t do it. The concept is rather silly, the characters aren’t really likable, and it kinda seems like a waste of time for me. I have no clue why FUNimation picked this one up, and I wish it didn’t. Sadly, my prayers were not answered here. Certainly my least favorite of the ten series here. Unfortunately, I don’t want to be wasting my time right now, so this one has go to go. All I can say now is...... F*** you Mex.....

*EDIT 7/15*
After receiving a couple complainants about how bad my argument for this series was, I decided to give the series another chance with better internet. Now that I've watched it again, I have a better opinion. Hell, you're going to find this a bit surprising. I actually found the show kinda boring and silly. It's a good amount of things I've seen done already. A lazy main character, a serious hard worker, the cold hearted one, and the one with the big boobs. Then there's the bunch of sisters in the show and countries warring over some sort of object. It's all been done before, and a lot better than what I've seen. So yeah, Neptunia is staying dropped. Sorry guys, but I'm not into it.

Episode 1

Dude.... Monobear is a bad teddy bear. This is one of the series that I really wanted to see and I’m glad you guys are letting me. Of course this series is making wonder what’s going on and who’s behind the whole ordeal, but the 15 people are going to help me get those answers. Overall, it’s a bit of a slow episode but for it’s first it did set up everything it needed to. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to fair in the coming weeks, and hope that this one turns into something awesome!

Sliver Spoon
Episode 1

My mother was raised on a diary farm when she was younger. Luckily for me, it’s not there anymore. I say luckily because I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle it. So I can kinda see where Hachiken is coming from. However, I think he’s a little more dense then I would be. At least I know where chicken’s eggs come from, it’s not that hard. But I can see that it’s pretty charming and it does have it’s funny moments. This is one of the big shows this season I’ve been forward to, and I’m gonna keep looking forward to watching more!

Episode 1

I stated this in my vlog and I will say this again. No matter what grade I give this show, I am still watching it. This is because a group of us are pretty much bound to and we’re going to have fun with it together. However, it will still get a proper grade by the end of three episodes. As for the first episode, dude... Those guys are actually kinda sexy. And I’m not normally into the full fledge athletes either. So some of the stuff going on was silly, sure. But I can tell that it has some heart to it and it wants to make a big splash into our hearts. So far, it’s working for me! I’m gonna be keeping up with this show regardless, but it’s nice to have something I wanna watch rather than be forced to watch. But yeah, DRAMATIC TAKING SHIRT OFF IS DRAMATIC!!!

So, as of right now, Genshiken and Neptunia are now out leaving me with eight series moving forward. As always, my goal is to end up with five by the end of these three weeks. I'm seeing some hopefuls and I'm looking forward to fending off the summer heat with some more summer shows! Until next week, otaku on my friends!

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