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Lilac's Impressions: Winter 2013 (Week 2)

We’re into the second week of my impressions on the Winter season! Last week we dropped Cuticle Detective Inaba and Tamako Market. This week, we have three series reaching their third episodes and five more going into their second! First let’s talk about some episode twos!

Uhh.... I'm lost here...
Episode 2

Humm..... I...... Uhmm...... Uhh...... I’m a bit confused. We basically contuine on with the story until our Heroine falls off a cliff and we’re in a hospital seven days prior to that last scene. Not only that, we have a sudden love story going on. I have to say, Amnesia is growing on me. I’m in the mindset that I have to know what the lost memories of the Heroine are. Guess that’s one point to the series. It still has it’s slow moments which are drawn out and still bug me, but I’m starting to get over that. With surprise endings like the one I just had, I wouldn’t care about those slow moments. Plus, it’s so purtty! I like what Brains Base is doing with Amnesia animation wise. I’m pretty sure, at this point, it’ll pass but at least tentatively. Just give me more, Amnesia. That’s all I want.

Bitch please!
Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
Episode 2

I was pretty iffy about this series last week. I think I know how I feel about this series now. It’s just way too slow and even a bit boring for me at times. I think I gave it a fair chance by watching two episodes. I’m ready to call this one a day. I will say though it has some pretty handsome men. Wish it was more interesting in story so that I could have more eye candy. But eye candy isn’t enough to hold my interest. Sorry Hakkenden.

Sasami DOES have a soft spot.
Sasami-san Ganbaranai
Episode 2

So we go from a town made of chocolate to an online RPG game that goes mental when threatened. At least they give some sort of explanation at the first minutes of the episode. My only problem right now, is why in the hell is this not Crunchyroll? I know Sentai already picked up the license for the series, so what’s taking so long? I’m getting tired of trying to dig around online like a damn pirate so I can watch it! Sasami-san is slowly becoming my favorite for the season. If anything, this series is already getting a pass next week. It’ll have to do something really really stupid in order for me to change my mind now.

Vividred Operation
Episode 2

So we had the Red Ranger in episode 1 and now we run into the Blue Ranger right off the bat in episode 2. Also, in order to really tap into their powers they have to have the power of friendship on their side. As corny as this sounds, it actually does work! Name a Sentai series you’ve seen that doesn’t have this in their story line at some point in it’s run. I bet it’s rather hard to unless you’re really into tokusatsu and think of things like Garo. But, despite the panty shots and underwear transformations, Vividred is actually growing on me. Kinda surprising, but yeah it really is. Guess that means I have one more episode to find out if I really wanna keep going. We shall see.

Breaking glass like a boss.
Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited
Episode 2

I’m still trying to decide whether or not I like this show. It’s not bad. The second episode gives me some amount of hope. The problem I have, at this point, is that it may be rehashing some of the same things as other series have done. ESP groups, investigations, mafia, etc etc. I wanna see it grow and become exciting, but I’m slowly working my way towards bored. I’ll give it one more try. I’m hoping it’ll get better, but I won’t be crossing my fingers on this one.

And now, we had down some grades to some series!

This requires tea!
Encouragement of Climb
Episode 3

Ok. I’ve been watching this series for three episodes now. And my one and only problem is that it’s episodes are way too short. I keep waiting for longer episodes, but I know I’ll never get them. It’s really irritating. I love this little series. It’s really cute, but I just want longer episodes! However, I do want to keep watching it. So for right now, Encouragement of Climb gets a pass. It’s more of a tentative one, but it’s a pass none the less.

Final Grade: Tentative Pass

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
Episode 3

Just like Vividred Operation, Maoyuu is really starting to grow on me. Sure it has it’s slow times like last episode, but this episode certainly made up for it. I had my problem last week with the sudden relationship between the Hero and Demon King but it’s not an overly rushed relationship. The only thing they’ve done is hold hands and a kiss on the forehead. Stuff like this makes their sudden relationship into a much normal one because of the awkwardness of the situation they are in. Especially with the Hero being a virgin and all. Arms really has their work cut out for them on this one. My only hope is that they don’t screw this one up later on. Then again, a lot of us are really hoping for that.

Final Grade: Pass

Episode 3

This series has some rather cute moments to it. The flashback that was in this episode was a really nice touch to some character’s backstories. And the story itself is pretty interesting. However, after watching three episodes, the series isn’t all that memorable to me. I just failed Hakkenden but even that is some what more memorable then Oreshura. Not really a good thing when trying to get into a series. Even worse still, while trying to remember what I watched in the previous episodes, I couldn’t remember much at all. I like the ideas and it’s art style, but I can’t get into this series try as I might. Maybe it’s better later on down the line, but for now I can’t give it a pass. It’s not a complete fail, it’s just not as memorable as some of the other series I’ve been watching this season. But I will leave it on hold when I want to come back to it. Hopefully it’ll pick up from this point on.

Final Grade: Tentative Fail (On-Hold)

Well guys, we've gone from ten series to six with two of them passing! Next week, we finish up the first impressions of the 2013 Winter season! Until next time, otaku on my friends!

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