Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Good News and Bad News (The Future of LAR)

Well, I meant to make a vlog (sort of) trying to explain all of this to everyone, but.... That didn't happen..... And I'm going to tell you why that didn't happen.

I have some good news and some bad news for you guys. Which do you want? Bad News? Damn, you want to get this out of the way, huh. Ok then.

The bad news is, I have to go on a bit of a review hiatus. After the Ayakashi review this week, that's going to be it for a little while. This means that the Voice Actor Honor Month for 2012 is going to be put on hold (Sorry fellow Freeman fangirls). The reason for this is because of school and my current job. As some of you may or may not know, I'm in my senior year of college and this semester has been a complete ball of stress that I have not been able to get any more reviews done. In fact, I had to cut out the Trigun review and replace the Higurashi review with King of Thorn because King of Thorn is a film compared to a 24 episode series. I'm hoping, once the semester is over, I can get back on track with my reviews, and that I will start with Voice Actor Month 2012. I apologize greatly for this last minute announcement, and I hope you guys will stick with me while I get through school and then back to you guys.


I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging, and this blog blank for the next couple months. So this kinda leads me into the.....

I'm still going to be posting things on this blog! I already have a couple projects still going, and I'm hoping to possibly start one or two more and try to keep them as regular as humanly possible. First, the current projects:

Current Project #1: The Thriller Zone
Yup, it's still a thing! I do a weekly live stream where I showcase anything and everything in the Horror/Mystery/Psychological/Thriller department. It can be a movie, an anime series, a TV show, or even a webseries. It starts every Friday night at 8PM EST with an hour long PreShow and then at 9PM EST with the Main Feature. We just finished Alfred Hitchcock Month and we're moving right along to some more awesome things! I'll be posting the upcoming schedule in a little side bar in this blog, and if you want to stop on by some Friday night just go to

Current Project #2: Bukkit Banter
This was a project that was started up recently. I'm one of the staff members of the D2 Brigade's forum called The Bukkit forums (sadly, the Brigade has since gone their separate ways, but the forum is still around). If you're fans of Arkada, JesuOtaku, ProfesserOtaku, or Vixen then you know about this site. If not.... Then shame on you! There are links in the side bar to JO and Arkada's sites.

Anywho... The current Admins and staff of the forums started up this podcast. It's been so much fun, minus the scheduling/technical problems we've had. And we've recorded the second episode which should go up really really soon! If you want to be entertained till then, there's the first episode where we talk about Deluxe Packaging, and it's hiding right here: Bukkit Banter episode 1

I already put my bid in to be host for episode 3, so if there's a Main Topic you want me to bring in for Raven and the boys, leave a comment or send an email or a tweet or a Facebook message or a carrier pigeon... I don't know, just send me something.

Current Project #3: Lilac's Impressions
I did this over the summer with some anime series that were premiering in Japan, and I'm going to do it again. Since I've been so busy, however, it's not gonna be in weekly blog posts. I'm going to do a nice vlog where I talk about all the series I've been watching and give you my thoughts as well as whether it passed or failed my first impressions test. I haven't updated the side bar where I list my series because of this so if you wanna know what I'm watching, then you're gonna have to wait till I make my video. I will say that half passed and half failed.

Now for some potential projects.

Potential Project #1: Weekly Q&A Sessions
I originally did this as a Post Show for my Live Stream, but now I wanna try and bring it to you guys. So, if you're interested in asking me a question about anime or otaku goodness send it to my email I haven't decided yet whether this will be a blog post or a weekly video, but we'll see how well this goes!

Potential Project #2: Semi Daily Vlogs
This is one of those things where I've seen too many people on YouTube who vlog and then I decided "I WANNA DO THAT!!!" So... Yeah, I want to try my best to some sort of daily vlog where I talk about anything I want. About my day, tell some stories, tell you how my cat likes condoms (apparently). Stuff like that. So if there's some sort of topic you want me to try and vlog about, then leave a comment here and, hopefully, I'll try and get my first vlog up next week. Maybe in time for my birthday. Whooo!

Well, that's basically it! The reviews are going on vacation, but the blog is still gonna have some good stuff! If you want to follow my on Facebook or Twitter, then there's a side bar on the top of the page for that! And if you want to send me an email, there's a side bar with that information as well. Thank you all so much for sticking with me these past several months! You're all the reason that I've gotten this far, and I hope to keep going for a long time!

So, until next time, otaku on my friends!

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