Friday, June 1, 2012

Lilac Anime Reviews: June Special

In February 2011, when I first started out, one of my first reviews was over the series, Eden of the East. The series itself didn't have a definite conclusion, and spawned two movies in the hopes to complete the series. Did they succeed? Well, this month, we're going to find out! Welcome to Eden of the East Movie Month!

On June 6th, we'll be looking at the first of the movies, The King of Eden. The story continues where it left off from the Eden of the East TV series, and brings Morimi Saki back to the USA in order to find Takizawa Akira. The other Selecao however are actively moving to take part in the game, and a few in particular are making dangerous moves in order to eliminate Takizawa or move towards their picture of a better Japan.

And then, on June 20th, we'll be discussing the end of the series titled Paradise Lost. The story of political and subversive intrigue in the series finally reaches endgame. Even as the law enforcement net tightens around Saki and her fellow Eden of the East associates over alleged terrorist activities, the complex web surrounding the mysterious Mr. Outside is finally untangled as the remaining Selecao attempt to outmaneuver one another. Takizawa's memories and identity are also finally revealed including his association with a former Prime Minister and his request to be the King of Eden.

I hope you all can join in this month as we finally finish this series! Until June 6th, Otaku on, my friends!

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