Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Non-Alcoholic Drinking Games

With the holidays fast approaching, we all know that adults will be drinking wine and beer to celebrate. But don’t worry my little underage readers. As my gift to you this holiday season, I have three anime drinking games you can play; not just for the holidays, but at any time! All three games are based on three anime that I have reviewed this year. If you are the age to drink, I don’t suggest you have alcohol. This is just a fun game to play, and I hope you would want to enjoy watching the anime while playing. Two games were created from our school’s anime club in college, while the third one is of my own creation. Here are the games and here are the rules:

Can be played in either Japanese or English.
Take a drink....

When there’s Dramatic Music
When Ryuk laughs
When Light laugh
When Light talks about himself as Kira
When L sucks his thumb
When Kira kills someone
When Ryuk eats an apple
Whenever L brings up a percentage
Whenever Mastuda say/does something stupid
Whenever Misa is referred to as “Misa Misa”
Whenever Misa hits on Light
Whenever “The Eyes” are used/talked about

Finish your drink....
Whenever a Shinigami dies

Le Chevalier d’Eon
Has the least rules, but it oh so effective!
Take a drink....

Whenever there’s awkward dialogue
Every time someone talks about Lia (who she is, and what she did)
Every time someone says “Vengeance”
Whenever “Psalms” is seen or heard
Whenever you can see cleavage
Whenever D’eon turns into a woman
Whenever Marie talks to the skull

Finish you drink....
Whenever Robin ACTUALLY hits something with his gun (as in bullets)

Soul Eater
Better to play this with the English Dub...
Take a drink....

Whenever Death the Kid talks about/has problems with symmetry
Whenever Soul talks about anything being cool
Maka Chop/Reaper Chop
Whenever Chrona says he can’t deal with something
Whenever Sid talks about “when I was alive”
When Black Star says YAHOO!!!
Skimpy/Nude Blair
Whenever Maka denies her father
Whenever Stein talks about dissecting things
When Black Star talks about himself
Eruka ribbits
Whenever the Keshin is mentioned

Finish your drink....
Whenever a witch dies

Thanks for sticking around with me for the past year! If you have any other anime drinking games you enjoy, comment below. I hope you all enjoy your holiday, and I will see you in 2012!

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